MCSS Scholarship Program

MCSS is excited to launch our new scholarship program!

We recognize the importance of being able to pay bills and the challenge of taking the time off for education/training. However, we are committed to making our clients more self-sufficient in the long term and would like to help you along the way.

MCSS will offer several scholarships ranging from $500-$2500. Various programs from adult education courses, certification courses, university/college degrees, to trade schools will be considered.

If you are a current head of household, a graduating high school student or a current college/university student you are welcome to apply!

Use the form below to submit your application online, or download the MCSS Scholarship Application and bring it with you to our office hours every third Thursday of the month.

If you are a new client and a head of household you must also submit the Income and Expense form along with the MCSS Scholarship application form.

If you have any questions please email

Deadline is April 10, 2019

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List the program/certification/course you are enrolled in:
How long will it take you to complete the program/courses/certification
When is the expected start date of the program/course/certification?
Are you currently working? Full time or part-time?
Please submit your latest tax forms along with your application. High school student applicants are required to submit their parents most recent tax form.
List dependents names and ages