Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Did you know that over HALF of our clients are domestic abuse survivors? MCSS responds to domestic violence by not just supporting survivors at the time they decide to leave but also by providing the long term support they need to become independent and successful. We are asking for $10,000 to help us continue this cause. Click here to donate now!

Qurbani/Udhiya 2019

Looking to donate your Qurbani/Udhiya meat to the needy in Austin? It’s easy. Just call Indopak (512) 244-4200 or New Madinah Market (512) 719-555 and the stores will keep your donation aside for our clients. We will give our clients vouchers to then collect the meat from Indopak/Madinah Market directly. JazakAllah khair for your donations! Cost is ~$270.


MCSS Scholarship Program

MCSS is excited to launch a new Scholarship program! New and existing clients are welcome to apply! Grants will be awarded in the amounts of $500-$2500 for heads of households looking to gain vocational training, adult education courses, certification programs and college/university degrees. Scholarship applications are also open to graduating high school students and current college/university students. Our deadline for the scholarship application has passed. Thank you to all those who applied. Winners will be announced on our Banquet Dinner.


Backpack drive success!

Single moms in the community reached out for help getting the necessary school supplies for their children and MCSS + Muslim Space rallied and got it all together, with your help, in the span of one week. Thanks everyone!

Snippets from Ramadan 2018: Toy wrap drive, Ramadan Storytimes @ Barnes & Noble + Bookpeople, MCSS Volunteer + Board member dinner @ Arpeggios, and lots of love, friendship and community.




Fundraising banquet


We raised over $72,000 at our annual fundraiser. Thanks to everyone who came! For those waiting to donate in Ramadan, please refer to the donate link on the top. Thank you Christine Chen for screening your beautiful movie Ya Albi at our event. Congratulations Saleha Elias for your lifetime achievement award in recognition of your years of service to MCSS. Thanks Shawarma Point for feeding us.


MCSS first saturdays

Beginning May 2018, we have a host of volunteers who are going to be there to answer questions and help our refugee friends navigate life in the US. This includes how to look things up, find certain doctors, fill out forms, interpret mail, anything. Spread the word.


MCSS "Buy Nothing" Group Inception

We at MCSS get a lot of generous offers from our community to donate furniture, clothes, etc. We don't have storage space, but we do have clients who need things and community members who want to give things away. This is our attempt to bring those two sets of people together. The rules are simple. If you have something you'd like to share / lend / gift to a fellow member of our Austin community, please feel free to post here. If you need something, ask for it in a post before going to buy a new one! The key is - no cash is exchanged. No trading for services. This is just a way to bring together people who want to give away or acquire things, while building community. Moderator is Hareem if you have questions.


Breakfast Meetup with other Muslim-y ATX organizations

Attending organizations:

MCSS - Shameem Azizad and other board members
Muslim Space ATX - Shadia Igram
Central Texas Muslims - Omar Khadir
Muslim Connection Austin - Farhana Khawar,
Texas Impact - Imad Khan
MYNA ATX - Kaamilah Hamid
CAIR Austin - Maira Sheik
Islamic Ahlul Bayt Assoc.- Syed Akthar
San Marcos Mosque - Clay Chip Smith

Each organization representative was asked to introduce their organization, list any activities planned for Eid al Fitr and any discuss help needed or ways they can help other groups.


Amplify ATX Success March 1 2018

For 24 hours beginning at 6 pm on Thursday, March 1, I Live Here I Give Here brought back its annual online fundraising event, Amplify Austin — and MCSS participated once again. We thank our generous donors in the community. Our top 3 donors have been offered free admission to this year's banquet with a guest.


February 2018 volunteer breakfast

was well attended and very successful.

Everyone introduced themselves, and signed up for committees they think they can help with for MCSS and shared their various talents, interests and goals for their contribution to our community. For anyone who was unable to attend, please feel free to fill out the volunteer form you can find on this site. Commitees are:

Event planning/Vision planning/New program design

Marketing, donor engagement


Client interaction with abused women






MCSS Founder Mohsin Lari receives ISNA Lifetime Achievement Award

February 18, 2018

Congratulations to MCSS founder Mohsin Lari for his Lifetime Achievement Award presented to him this past weekend by ISNA - the award is bestowed upon an outstanding community member based on massive contributions to Austin Muslims and society in general.

Br. Mohsin, the rest of MCSS thanks you for all you have done to make this community a beautiful and welcoming place and for giving us the space to also serve.