Lend a helping hand to the needy, the refugees, and the victims of domestic violence in the community, until they achieve financial independence (assistance includes but is not limited to financial, educational, medical and social services). In addition to being a resource and support center, build bridges between the Muslim and general Austin community, by initiating and sustaining open communication.


We hope those in need within the greater Austin community will recognize MCSS as a resource when they find themselves struggling. We hope others in the community will refer clients to us if they see someone in need. We hope to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization by consistently evolving, reassessing our community's state and needs, and continually recruiting board members and volunteers that represent the diversity of our community. We also plan to continue fruitful collaborative efforts with other service organizations in Austin. Aside from financial assistance, we hope to expand bridges within the community over time, to allow those who are fortunate to lend not just financial assistance, but inspire others and mentor them towards success.