October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Our goal is to raise $10, 000


Did you know that over HALF of MCSS clients are women who are domestic violence survivors?

Our clients who have made the choice to leave their abusive partner leave behind homes, belongings and often have little to no money with them. Many don’t have a place to stay and will sleep in their cars for days. Most cannot even tell other loved ones where they are for fear of safety of themselves and their children.

MCSS responds to domestic violence by not just supporting survivors at the time they decide to leave but also by providing the long term support they need to become independent and successful.

We provide:

  • hotel rooms in emergency situations

  • blankets for those in shelters

  • gift cards for personal items and food

  • cell phones

  • payment of legal fees

  • deposit money for apartments

  • scholarships

Your donations matter. We need YOUR help to continue to support Domestic Violence Survivors. Donate today!

Keep a survivor warm.
Buys blankets for women staying at a shelter.

Clothe a survivor.
Pays for a gift card to buy personal items

Shelter and feed a survivor.
Pays for hotel accommodation and food for the day in emergency situation.

Break the cycle of abuse.
Buys 2.5 hours of a lawyers retainer

Provide a home.
Pays a deposit on an apartment.

Support long term success.
Become a monthly donor to support this cause all year long.

You can also choose your own amount. No donation is too little. Let’s work together to help domestic violence survivors.

Donate today