We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit; all donations are tax-deductible.

Board of Directors

Diane Kanawati, President

Diane Kanawati has a background in Marketing and Public Relations.  She has served on the Board of Directors for several Non Profit organizations in Austin and helped build several from the ground up.  Diane joined MCSS 2015 in to help expand the support for the MCSS Domestic Abuse Survivors committee.  She has completed the six week Safeplace Domestic Abuse Volunteer Training.  Working directly with the clients is her primary interest.  Diane has three children in high school and college.

Moinuddin Ahmed, PhD, Treasurer

Moin Ahmed has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and has worked for Union Carbide, Dow Chemical and Chevron in their Research and Development Departments.  After retiring in 2014 he moved to Austin to be close to his children.  He has been with MCSS since 2014.  He wants MCSS to be a Go To organization both for those in need and those wishing to donate time and/or money.  MCSS should not only satisfy short term needs but should make a difference in the lives of those it serves.

Mohsin Lari, Founder & Advisor to the Board

An Austin community leader and entrepreneur, who received ISNA's community service award for his dedication and services to the greater Muslim community in 2018. Mr. Lari founded MCSS in 2001 and has successfully kept it serving our community and expanding it since then.

Sana Yusuf, Board Secretary

Saadia Larouz, Board Trustee

Saadia had a degree in fashion design from Morocco, and then later  pursued nursing in Austin. Saadia Larouz has been with the organization for the past three years now.  She’s always had a yearning to help others. She has been an active member of the Muslim community in Austin since 1992. Throughout the years Saadia has built a positive reputation among her community, as she has served on boards of various Muslim organizations all through Austin. Her passion is always ignited when it comes to community service and empowering women has been an agenda of hers since being with MCSS. Having the opportunity to change people’s lives through this excellent organization has been her highlight with the organization.

Saleha Elias, Vice President

Saleha has a B.S. in Lab sciences from UT Arlington and worked as a Microbiologist in clinical labs and now retired. She joined MCSS around 2007 and in 2018 received a lifetime achievement award for her work with MCSS clients. She has mostly worked as a domestic violence counselor but also has dealt with cases outside this field. Saleha wants MCSS to be not a just financial resource but informational and training resource to the needy too.

Adnan Raja, Board Trustee

Adnan A. Raja, MSPM, PMP® has over 18 years of experience in Technology and Project Management combined. He holds a Master of Science in Project Management from Boston University and has held a Project Management Professional designation from PMI since 2005. He also holds a graduate certificate in Strategic Decisions & Risk Management (SDRM) program from Stanford and Leadership & Negotiation certificate from Harvard.

A native of Pakistan, Adnan moved to Austin in 1996 to begin a career that combines technology and project management. While attending The University of Texas at Austin as a full-time student, he worked as a manager and trainer for MCI, a Global Telecommunications Company.



Refugee Assistance : Diane, Moinuddin, Saadia, Mohsin

Domestic Abuse Victim Assistance: Saleha, Saadia, Diane

Cemetery & Funerals : Mohsin Lari

Event planning/Vision planning/New program design: Sana

Marketing, donor engagement : Sana

Tutoring & Education : Moinuddin Ahmed, Dr. Nazia Khan, Zainab Ahmed, Diane

Our Crew of Volunteers

Rawand Abdelghani
Shireen Ismail
Tashmeem Khan
Dr. Nazia Khan
Sumrah Iqbal

Asma Vohra
Sana Syed
Adnan Raja
Sana Yusuf
Kaamileh Hamid
Mina Raja
Dr. Jenan Salman
Komal Sawani
Hareem Ahmad
Lamia Huq
Aisha Syed
Jihan Elayan
Omer Dosaani
Sarini Widodo
Aysha Masri

Sajeda Pathan

Ayah Hawasi

Sara al Sayyed

Khalid Syed